Pagero Webinar – 2023 E-Invoice Regulatory Outlook for U.S. Multinationals (Feb 15, 2023)

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The e-invoice compliance roadmap for 2023 and 2024 looks daunting. Now that select governments are closing VAT gaps by mandating CTC (Continuous Transaction Controls) or similar models to reduce tax evasion, other countries are coming online – and fast.

Across Europe, LATAM, APAC and the Middle East, 25 countries have introduced or will soon be introducing mandatory changes during 2023. As a Tax/Finance leader for a U.S. Multinational, it is critical you ensure compliance for your organization.

We invite you to join this time-sensitive webinar where you will benefit from:

  •  Seeing the roadmap for 2023, with key countries such as Poland and France called out in detail
  •  Receiving an overview of changes to existing e-invoice mandates
  •  Looking beyond to 2024 and identifying preparations that should be happening now
  •  Exploring ViDA (VAT in the Digital Age), as well as which 3 key areas will see massive reform across the EU countries
  •  Reviewing the regulatory calendar the EU is expected to follow
  •  Learning how U.S. Multinationals can prepare now by quickly building out their compliance expertise


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