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Fasten the seatbelts for the Upcoming E-Invoicing/Real Time Reporting/SAF-T implementations (changes) in the European Union

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Belgium Draft Gradual implementation of mandatory B2B E-Invoicing as of mid 2024?
Bulgaria Public consultation on mandatory B2B E-invoicing
Denmark As of Jan 2024 Approved Mandatory B2B E-Invoicing implemented via Bookkeeping Act
France As of July 1, 2024 Approved Mandatory B2B E-invoicing/Real Time Reporting
Germany New coalition agrees on implementation E-Invoicing and Real Time Reporting
Hungary Late 2022/Early 2023 SAFT implementation late 2022/early 2023
Italy July 1, 2022 Mandatory Electronic invoicing scheme between Italy and San Marino
Italy July 1, 2002 FatturaPA for cross-border invoice and abolishment Esterometro delayed till July 2022
Latvia Draft – 2025 Mandatory B2B and B2G
Luxembourg By 2023 Mandatory B2G E-Invoicing
Poland Optional as of Jan 2022, Mandatory as of 2024(?) Optional B2B E-Invoicing as of Jan 2022, mandatory as of Jan 2024?
Portugal 2022/2023 ATCUD (delayed till 2023) and QR codes (Jan 1, 2022) obligatory invoice elements
Romania As of Dec 1, 2021 eFactură electronic invoices registration as of Nov 1, 2021, mandatory application of B2B E-Invoicing and Real Time Reporting for high risk products as of July 2022
Romania AS of July 2022 July 2022 for large taxpayers, Jan 2023 for medium and 2025 for small paxpayers and non-residents
San Marino Oct 1, 2021 – Jully 2022 E-invoice Requirement for Companies Selling Goods in Italy, voluntary Oct 1, 2021, Mandatory as of July 2022
Slovakia As of Jan 1, 2023 Draft Mandatory B2G, G2G, and G2B E-Invoicing and Real Time Reporting as of Jan 1, 2023. B2B and B2C will follow in a later phase.
Slovenia Plans to introduce B2B E-Invoicing
Spain Jan 1, 2024 Draft Mandatory B2B E-Invoicing
Sweden Consider SAF-T, VAT notification, Real Time Reporting, E-Invoicing – No concrete plans




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