A next generation model for Electronic Tax Reporting and Invoicing

Recommendation for a decentralised approach beneficial to both economic operators and tax administrations for the digitisation of VAT reporting based on Continuous Transaction Controls and electronic invoicing

The new Version 2 of the white paper “A Next Generation Model For Electronic Tax Reporting And Invoicing” is published

It includes now first endorsers like Digital Service Providers Australia New Zealand (DSPANZ)EESPA, Peppol and Verband elektronische Rechnung (VeR)

After the European Parliament issued a resolution with the aim to mandate electronic tax reporting and invoicing in all member states pretty soon, the model discussion is initiated in the EU. In parallel, several countries outside Europe are also evaluating, designing and establishing systems for this hot topic.

Do you believe that such models should be implemented in a market friendly manner and based on a decentralized exchange model?

If so, you might know an organisation that could actively support this approach and influence decision makers. We would be happy to add it as official endorser to a next white paper version.



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