Sovos webinar: VAT Snapshot: Navigating Global CTC Requirements (May 25)

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As more governments digitize their tax systems and demand real-time data, staying compliant creates challenges for businesses.

The impact of these complex and ever-changing regulations on companies’ applications, processes and systems for a single jurisdiction can be significant. With bespoke requirements evolving in many different jurisdictions at the same time, achieving VAT compliance in all the territories where they operate needs careful, advanced planning by global companies today.

In addition to this, organisations undergoing large-scale enterprise resource planning system upgrades e.g.  to SAP S/4HANA need to ensure the impact of ongoing compliance is considered at the heart of their planning efforts

Join our webinar to learn why legacy processes and disparate local solutions are no longer adequate to support the digital transformation of VAT. Our VAT compliance experts will cover:

  • How and why governments across the world are digitizing their tax systems towards Continuous Transaction Controls (CTCs)
  • The latest CTC updates and new legislation on the horizon including Italy, Philippines, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain
  • Your unanswered questions regarding CTCs

This webinar forms part of our series of quarterly webinars designed to keep you ahead of regulatory change impacting your business, and as always, there’ll be time allocated to answer your questions at the end.



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