To the attention of taxpayers who issue e-Invoice

The State Fiscal Service informs that by Law no. 84/2022 for the modification of some normative acts, art. 117 of the Fiscal Code with par. (1 3 ). Thus, when making taxable deliveries with VAT of main petroleum products (petrol, diesel) on the territory of the country, the taxable subject is obliged to present to the buyer (beneficiary) for the respective delivery the electronic fiscal invoice (e-invoice).

In this context, it is recommended that taxpayers who issue a large number of tax invoices daily, integrate the internal accounting system with the “e-Invoice” system through API. This will exclude the operation of downloading and uploading files, which are automatically transferred to optimize work processes.

The system integration guides can be downloaded from the “Help” section at the top right of the “e-Invoice” system.


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