Romania SAF-T: New Guidance for Submission Deadlines

In previous blogs, we’ve taken a deep dive into Romania’s new SAF-T requirements. In the latest guidance released this week, the tax authority has provided updated implementation timelines for different sizes of taxpayers and information on the grace period.

In addition to clarifying timelines, the tax authority also issued a new version of the schema on 10 November 2021. This new schema incorporates comments and concerns from the most recently published Questions and Answers document.

The implementation timeline is longer than the initially announced timeline for medium and small taxpayers. Additionally, tax authorities have also updated the list of large taxpayers with the publication of this new order. With this update, the ANAF added 1,801 companies to the list of large taxpayers. These newly-included taxpayers will benefit from a later implementation date of 1 July 2022.

Source: SOVOS