ZATCA Proposes Amendments to VAT Regulations: Tax Invoices, Credit and debit notes and Records

The amendments affect Article 53 “Tax Invoices”, Article 54 “Credit and debit notes” and Article 66 “Records”.

For example, the following amendments were proposed:

Article 53:

  • New situations for issuance of tax invoices (e.g., export);
  • Addition of the requirement for both a supplier and a customer to be registered for VAT in order to issue self-billed tax invoices;
  • Added that a summary tax invoice may be issued for the supplies during the period not exceeding 1 calendar month;
  • Extended rules for simplified tax invoices;
  • Added powers of ZATCA’s Governor to suspend or cancel the e-invoicing obligations to a category of taxpayers or to a specific taxpayer.

Source Aurifer