Proposed Amendments to Saudi Arabia’s VAT Implementation Regulations (VATIR): What is Changing?

The Saudi Authorities are proposing changes to the VAT Implementation Regulations (VATIR). The proposed changes are open to public consultation, with interested parties able to submit their opinions until 23 October 2021.

Why are changes being proposed to VATIR?

According to the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA), the changes aim to harmonise e-invoicing related provisions and requirements with the VATIR. The VATIR is a secondary legislation that describes the application of VAT Law provisions in detail.

Considering that the VATIR was drafted before the e-invoicing regulation and includes provisions relating to both paper and electronic invoices, proposed amendments were expected to the changes related to e-invoicing rules. This is an indication that the ZATCA, having learned from the roll-out of the tax reform, is preparing to resolve any potential issues and adapt processes where needed to ensure a complete and well-rounded framework.

Source Sovos