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Get an EORI number – Apply for an EORI number

“In addition to the information currently requested, where the trader’s main establishment address is not Northern Ireland (NI) they will be asked whether they have a permanent business establishment (PBE) in NI and, if so, to upload two separate pieces of evidence as proof of their presence at that address.”

“Where a trader does not have their main establishment in NI, or they do not have a PBE, they will only be able to register for an XI EORI in specific cases. Therefore, a trader who does not have a main address in NI, or a PBE, will need to indicate, from a list provided on the form, why they require an XI EORI. ”

Pre-Brexit, HMRC dished out some XI EORI’s, but now it seems XI’s are being selectively issued in future.

Source Jason Croke


  1. Who needs an EORI
  2. Check which EORI number you need
  3. If you move goods to or from Northern Ireland
  4. Apply for an EORI number
  5. Get help or report a change of circumstances



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