Electronic Invoicing for Microenterprises: more than an obligation, a universe of advantages

The implementation of electronic invoicing began with the publication of Decree-Law no. 14-A/2020 , of 7 April. This document changes the deadline for implementing electronic invoicing in public contracts, imposed in Decree-Law 123/2018, of 28 December.

These measures, centered on standardization, optimization and procedural automation, emerged with the aim of harmonizing rules, clarifying rules and creating conditions. In this sense, they allow tax documents to be issued and kept digitally.

In order for the implementation of these new measures to become smoother for companies, gradual deadlines were established for their applicability.

Thus, it was defined that small and medium-sized companies were required to adopt electronic invoicing on June 30, 2021. Micro-enterprises and other public providers, on the other hand, will have this obligation on December 31, 2021.




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