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Non-resident electronic service providers with an income above 1.8 million THB subjected to VAT from 1 September 2021

Earlier this year, Thailand enacted a legislation to introduce an obligation on non-resident electronic services providers to register for, charge, and remit VAT. The implementation date of the new regime is 1 September 2021.

The new legislation mainly stipulates that business-to-consumer supplies of e-services will be subjected to VAT from 1 September 2021 if the supplier’s annual turnover is above 1.8 million THB (47,000 EUR or 55,500 USD). Such a supplier shall register for VAT, file VAT returns, and pay VAT by calculating output tax without deducting input tax starting from 1 September 2021. The electronic service providers and electronic platforms are not required to issue a tax invoice or keep an input tax report.

Source GlobalVATcompliance



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