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Provision of operating equipment in the case of leasing: single supply or separate supplies?

The German Federal Fiscal Court has submitted a question to the ECJ that is also of central importance for the deduction of input VAT, namely: What is the procedure in the case of leasing with simultaneous provision of operating equipment? Is this a single (VAT-exempt) rental service, or is there a general requirement to split the service up? The practice hopes for more legal certainty on this issue following clarification by the ECJ. To date, the correct assessment under tax law has been similar to playing the lottery. The German Federal Fiscal Court hopes that clear guidance from the ECJ will make it easier and faster to clarify many individual issues in practice.


ECJ Case referred to: C-42/14 (Wojskowa Agencja Mieszkaniowa) – Letting of immovable property and the provision of water, electricity and heating must be regarded as constituting several distinct and independent supplies


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