In the event of a failure of the e-cash register, it is necessary to record sales in an alternative way

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The financial report is currently recording an outage for some entities using the online cash register within the e-cash register system. The error did not arise on the part of the financial administration, but in the case of one of the suppliers of cash registers. It could cover approximately 3,876 active cash registers. Therefore, we warn entrepreneurs to proceed in an alternative manner in the event of a failure or a failure in the registration of sales, as required by law.  

The financial administration records a failure in the online connection of some online cash registers within the e-cash register system. The error occurred on the part of one of the suppliers with whom the financial administration actively communicates. However, entrepreneurs also have a free solution in the form of a virtual cash register. 

In the event that entrepreneurs are affected by the failure of the online cash register, we warn them to proceed in the registration of revenues in an alternative manner, as required by law. If there is a failure of the online cash register or terminal equipment, the entrepreneur is obliged to resume operation of this cash register or this device within 48 hours of the failure or start using another online cash register or other terminal equipment.  

During the interruption of operation, the entrepreneur is obliged to make a receipt. The entrepreneur prepares it in two copies, while the original receipt is handed over to the buyer without undue delay for accepting payment or returning payment for the returned goods or provided service in the event of a complaint and retains a copy. The entrepreneur is obliged to register the data from the receipts in the cash register whose operation was interrupted, no later than ten days after the end of the month in which the operation was resumed.

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