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Making Tax Digital – Where Are We Now?

Technology is continually transforming everything we do. We buy goods and clothes online. We use laptops to order takeaways and find new recipes. We order taxis on our mobile. We bank and manage our finances from tablets. We even control our heating, lighting and other household appliances from devices in the palm of our hand… and at an accelerating pace, tax is digitising too.

And with this in mind, over a series of three articles we’ll take a look at the road to ‘Making Tax Digital’ for individuals, exploring where we are now, where we are going, and what some of the challenges and pitfalls along the way might be.

Ultimately ‘Making Tax Digital’ has the potential to impact the way all individuals interact with HMRC in the coming years, with some significant changes already in the pipeline for the not too distant future.

Source KPMG


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