SAF-T based digital VAT return as of 2022

Norwegian taxpayers will need to submit digital VAT returns as of the January 2022 reporting period. The new VAT return boxes reflect SAF-T codes.

Currently, standard VAT returns (which means the RF-0002 form for most businesses) contains 19 lines divided into transaction types (whereas, there are about 30 VAT codes in SAF-T) that have been obligatory since 2020. Norwegian tax authorities have decided to adapt VAT return reporting through SAF-T. Consequently, the new digital VAT return consists of fields in line with SAF-T codes.

The standard VAT reporting period in Norway is bi-monthly. Deadlines for submission of SAF-T based VAT returns will remain the same. Taxpayers have one month and 10 days to prepare a return. As such, the first reports to be submitted according to the new standards has to be done by April 10, 2022.

Source Ridvan Yigit



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