New detailed description for the renewed Slovenian export system SIAES2, which will replace the existing export system

A more detailed description includes information on the renovation of the Slovenian export system, which will be called SIAES2 . SIAES2 will support the mandatory functionalities of AES Phase 1 (Automated Export System), including support for the exchange of information between three customs offices (customs control office, customs office of presentation, customs office of exit), as part of centralized export processes.

The document is intended for software providers / developers and contains all the necessary information for the establishment of electronic exchange in the field of customs export procedures between applicants for export declarations on the one hand and FURS on the other.

FURS has decided not to support the eExport application with the functionality of AES phase 1.

The use of the new national export application SIAES2 is planned for 1 May 2023




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