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Policy paper: Accounting for VAT on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021

The Northern Ireland Protocol means that Northern Ireland maintains alignment with the EU VAT rules for goods, including on goods moving to, from and within Northern Ireland. However, Northern Ireland is, and will remain, part of the UK’s VAT system.

UK VAT rules related to transactions in services will apply across the whole of the UK. HMRC will continue to be responsible for the operation of VAT and collection of revenues in Northern Ireland.

Under the obligations in the Protocol, import VAT will be due on goods that enter Northern Ireland from Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). The same will also broadly apply to goods entering Great Britain from Northern Ireland. However, existing flexibilities within the EU VAT rules have been used to ensure that the Government priority to minimise business impacts is met. In particular, Articles 201 and 211 of Directive 2006/112/EC mean that it is for the UK Government to determine important practical details as to how this will operate. Our approach will preserve the integrity of both the UK and EU single markets.

Under the Protocol, transactions in goods between Northern Ireland and EU businesses and consumers will continue as they do today. The same processes and reporting requirements will apply and Northern Ireland businesses intending to make transactions under the Protocol should ensure they are able to continue to operate in this way.

The only change is related to the use of the ‘XI’ prefix when trading under the Northern Ireland protocol.

The guidance within this note further outlines how VAT processes will operate between Great Britain and Northern Ireland on goods sold by VAT-registered businesses. This is in line with the UK’s obligations under the Protocol.


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