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Vienna University Global Tax Policy Center requests your support on survey on cross-border VAT/GST disputes, the root causes and possible resolution mechanisms

More than 160 countries are now operating VAT/GST taxes. They are increasingly important as a source of revenues for governments. Cross-border and digital transactions are growing. All this leads to a growing potential for VAT/GST disputes. Unresolved these can have serious effects on a company’s cash flow and can act as a break on international trade. There is a need to address these issues and the WU Global Tax Policy Center wants to start by understanding the issues. Through a survey, we aim to examine the extent of cross-border VAT/GT disputes, the root causes and possible resolution mechanisms. If you are working in connection with VAT/GST disputes, WE NEED YOU TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE. To receive the link to the online survey, please send a short email to

Source Jeffrey Owens

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