Global overview of future e-invoicing, e-filing and real time reporting – upcoming changes (Status Aug 7, 2020)

Developments on E-invoicing, real time reporting globally.


  • Quid Mandatory B2G E-invoicing in the EU???
  • France continues to work on the roll out of mandatory B2B E-invoicing (and real time reportiing?) as of 2023
  • Poland is reflecting on mandatory B2B E-invoicing as of 2021 or later?
  • Customers in Finland can require e-invoices from their supplies … a nice way to circumvent requirements as per the EU VAT Directive 2006/112/EU
  • Egypt introduces mandatory B2B E-invoicing as of Nov 2020
  • India  introduces mandatory B2B E-invoicing as of Oct 2020
  • ……..

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