Technical specifications on low value declarations

Source EY

On the 2nd of June 2020, the Belgian customs authorities published the technical specifications of the H7 data set. The specification can be downloaded from this link. (click on ”H7”)

By means of the H7 data set (designed for e-commerce), it will be possible to declare goods with a value up to €150, while requiring 3 times less data than a standard declaration. Following the decision to postpone the implementation of the new VAT regime on e-commerce, the EU member countries have until 1 July 2021 to update their IT systems to support these messages. One of the consequences of the implementation of the H7 data set is that the BE-Gate procedure for imports will be discontinued on 1 July 2021. After this date, it will thus no longer be possible to use the BE-Gate procedure for low value importations. The Customs Administration will publish a Message Implementation Guide (MIG) as soon as possible.

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