New E-Dispatch Note Application Guide

The Turkish Revenue Agency ( GiB) has published the E-Dispatch Note (E-Irsaliye) Application Guide Version 1.1 on 16 July 2020. Here is the list of major changes:

1- The answers to questions number 9, 13, 15.5, 15.8, 15.11 have been revised.

2- New questions number 15.27 and 15.39 and answers to those have been added.

3- In the frame of the requests transmitted by the taxpayers, questions and answers about new field applications have been added or updated whenever needed. 

Source: SNI

Ege Akbas

Ege Akbas is a Regulatory Technology Specialist at SNI. He was formerly a researcher of digital technologies and trade in services at WTO, and a contributor to 2019 World Trade Report. Currently, Ege is on a mission to uncover complex rules and procedures of digital transformation of tax. SNI provides global solutions for electronic invoicing and digital VAT reporting.

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