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Postponement of payments of fiscal obligations (including VAT) until 25th October. Extension of VAT refund with subsequent control until 25th October.

The Romanian Government extended some of the economic measures taken in the pandemic context, until 25 October 2020 (GEO 99/2020).

For all the fiscal obligations due starting from 21st March and not paid until 25th October 2020:

  • There will be no late payment penalties computed.
  • These will not be regarded as outstanding liabilities, thus that they cannot be subject to enforcement.

Despite the payment postponement, tax declarations must be filed until due dates.

 Also, the procedure of VAT refund with subsequent control is extended until 25th October. According to the new rules, the VAT is to be refunded with no prior tax audit (under certain conditions). However, as a matter of exception, VAT is to be refunded after the tax audit is carried out for:

  • taxpayers having offenses in their fiscal certificate;
  • taxpayer subject to insolvency proceedings;
  • the central tax authority, on the basis of the information held, finds that there is a risk of unduly reimbursement;
  • small taxpayer with a first request to refund VAT;
  • small taxpayer requesting VAT arising from more than 12 months.

Source: Our contributor from Romania