The Cyprus VAT Association (CYVA) has realised its first webinar ‘VAT: Measures against the pandemic’

The Cyprus VAT Association (CYVA) has released its first of a series of online seminars, titled ‘VAT: Measures against the pandemic’

The 40-minute-long, pre-recorded webinar is delivered in Greek by the Chairwoman of CYVA, Demetra Constantinou, and is now available for general viewing.

The webinar

  • presents the VAT measures that were adopted in Cyprus to combat the financial effects of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • outlines the measures that were announced but were never adopted;
  • sets forth various VAT measures and suggestions by CYVA to soften the adverse effects of Covid-19 on the economy.

The webinar is addressed to anyone dealing with VAT in both the private and public sectors.

Ms. Constantinou is a partner with Kinannis LLC and heads the law firm’s Accounting & VAT Department.

CYVA was established in 2019 with the aim of providing a unified and independent voice to all professionals and businesses in Cyprus on VAT matters.

Its main objectives are to promote VAT, legal and related matters with the Government, the House of Parliament and the Tax Department for the purpose of adopting and implementing them. Also, to contribute to the proper adoption of VAT European Directives and Regulations, to help modernise and simplify the Cyprus VAT legislation, and to liaise and consult with the European Commission and other international bodies on Cyprus VAT matters.

Link to the webinar:

Link to the CYVA website for further VAT news from Cyprus:

News shared by: Silviya Ivanova, Independent VAT Consultant in Cyprus and member of CYVA

For more information please feel free to contact Silviya at [email protected]




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