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European Commission work programme for 2020 – indirect taxes

The first annual work programme of the new European Commissionwas published in January. The COVID-19 crisis has led to a general reassessment of the program, but the Commission is not expected to delay its most important tax-related projects. Initiatives on ‘Fighting tax evasion’ and ‘Business taxation for the 21st century’ are strategic priorities:

  • Commission will publish its Action Plan to fight tax evasion and to make taxation simple and easy
  • Organize another conference on the fight against VAT fraud and the promotion of compliance in a digitalised world
  • Fiscalis seminar (between the VAT Expert Group and the EU Members) in Estonia on transaction-based VAT reporting
  • Definitive VAT regime
  • VAT rate proposals
  • VAT treatment of Financial Services
  • Evaluating the Tour Operator Margin Scheme (TOMS)
  • Explanatory Notes for implementation of the 2021 e-commerce VAT package

Source: PwC