COVID-19: The Tax Agency announces that it will extend the terms of tax procedures

On the website of the Tax Agency it is announced ( AEAT Announcement ) that the deadlines in tax procedures will be extended by an imminent regulatory change.
In addition, it is reported that, while this regulatory change is approved, the deadlines will not be considered missed.We are waiting for the announced modifications, to analyze their content.

Source Garrigues



AEAT Announcement

Important notice: extension of deadlines in tax procedures

The terms in the tax procedures are going to be extended by means of an imminent regulatory change. Don’t worry if you have a pending process. While the regulatory change is approved, the Agency is aware of the situation and will not consider the deadline to be missed.

We can postpone your appointment, we will call you to inform you of the new date.

Source  Agencia Tributaria

Provisional instructions to request deferrals in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 7/2020, of March 12

Source Agencia Tributaria

Unofficial translation in English

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