Visions on digitalization and automatization in Europe

Statements made by Stephen Quest, Alexandra Bal, Lena Odelberg and others at the occasion of the conference VAT in the digital era  (link with slide decks included) organized by the European Commission on Dec 6, 2019.

Some keynotes:

  • EU is checking how digitization and automation can make tax more efficient
  • Technical services should be central on how authorities provide services to their people
  • The biggest challenge is that every country is doing something different
  • Businesses have to monitor developments which are often published in local language
  • Governments collect more and more data, do they really need all these data?
  • Governments and business need to work together on reporting obligations
  • Authorities should use the invoicing processes to simplify doing business
  • More real time reporting will make our tax systems more efficient and effective

Source Youtube EU Tax & Customs

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