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Updated guidance: Business promotions (VAT Notice 700/7)

If you give away goods and are entitled to recover VAT on them as input tax and you receive no payment or other consideration for them, you must account for VAT on their cost value. That is unless they can be treated as business gifts.

A business gift is a gift of goods that is made in the course of promoting your business and for which you were entitled to reclaim the VAT you were charged on its purchase as input tax. By ‘gift’ we mean a definite, voluntary and unconditional transfer of the goods for no consideration.

You do not have to account for VAT on business gifts made to the same person so long as the total cost of all gifts you make to that person does not exceed £50, excluding VAT, in any 12-month period. To check this it is acceptable for you to adopt any 12-month period that includes the day on which the gift is made.