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VAT rate changes in the Europe as of Jan 1, 2020 (status Dec 19, 2019)

Country Date of change Old rate New rate Scope Link
Germany CANCELLED 19 7 Train journeys Link
Germany Jan 1, 2020 19 7 Feminine care – Federal Council approved Nov 29 Link
Hungary Jan 1, 2020 18 5 Accomodation services (tourism development contribution of 4% will be extended to these services) Link
Slovenia Jan 1, 2020 22 9,5 E-books and electronic journals Link
Uzbekistan Jan 1, 2020 20 Sale of e-services to consumers by non-resident businesses Link
Croatia Jan 1, 2020 25 13 Reduce the VAT rate in the hospitality industry for food preparation and serving, excl. alcohol – outside a catering facility Link
Poland April 1, 2020 8 5 All types of bread and cakes, fruit, soups, broths, homogenised and dietetic foods, food for infants and toddlers, pacifiers, nappies and car seats, hygiene products (sanitary pads and tampons, diapers and insoles for babies and similar products) Link
Poland April 1, 2020 5 8 mustard, sweet pepper, specific processed spices, some unprocessed spices (e.g. cumin, turmeric) – Link
Poland April 1, 2020 5/8 23 lobsters and octopus, other crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic invertebrates (including crabs, crawfish, shrimps) and preparations made of them, as well as caviar and dishes sold in catering establishments, which include the products mentioned, ice – used for food and other refrigeration purposes Link
Czech Republic May 1, 2020 21/15 10 Catering services including serving draught beer, supply of e-books and audiobooks, water and sewer charges, hairdressing and barber services, repairs of bicycles, footwear, adjustments and repairs of clothing and textile products. Link