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Denmark tax changes for 2015 | Meridian

Denmark tax changes for 2015 | Meridian.

On Tuesday 7 October the Danish Parliamentary year 2014/2015 began and the minister for taxation announced his plans to introduce bills which will contain the following proposals:

  • More reporting requirements will be introduced in relation to VAT and financial products.
  • The amendment of the Danish double tax treaty with Luxembourg will be introduced which will allow Denmark to tax pension payments.
  • The limitations on VAT deductibility levied by hotels will be dissolved.
  • More measure to abolish tax avoidance will be introduced.
  • Plans will be put forward to propose a bill to introduce the amendment of the Danish double tax treaty with India.
  • The postponement of payment of tax on salaries used to reinvest in the employing company under the employee investment company regulations is also planned to be introduced to Parliament in the coming year.
  • There will be plans to introduce a number of changes to administrative procedures with the Danish Tax authorities.



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