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Over NT$2.75 Billion in Prizes: Unified Invoice Winners and Cloud Invoice Exclusive Rewards

  • Total prize money for cloud invoices and electronic invoices in the March-April 113 period exceeded NT$2.75 billion
  • Special prize number for the Unified Invoice in May 113 was “44140251”
  • 109 lucky winners won a total of over NT$2.29 billion in special, grand, and cloud invoice exclusive prizes
  • 81 winners stored cloud invoices on their mobile phones
  • Common carrier “mobile barcode” can bind various carriers and manage cloud invoices
  • Winners can set up a prize account to receive winnings automatically
  • Collaboration with telecom companies to store telecom bills as cloud invoices using mobile barcode carriers
  • Encouragement for people to store cloud invoices on carriers and complete the four steps for cloud invoices
  • Cloud invoice exclusive prizes include 30 sets of NT$1 million, 16,000 sets of NT$2,000, 100,000 sets of NT$800, and 1.95 million sets of NT$500
  • For more information on the Unified Invoice Redemption APP, call 4128282 or visit the integration service platform website. For electronic invoice information, visit the integration service platform website or call 0800-521-988.


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