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E-Invoicing in Spain

B2G E-Invoicing became mandatory in Spain on January 1, 2015, requiring all suppliers to public entities to issue invoices electronically. The central platform “FACe” and the standardized “FacturaE” file format with a digital signature are used for this purpose. While the use of FACe and Facturae is mandatory for central administrations, it is not required for local administrations, although most regions in Spain, except the Basque Country, have adopted it. The Basque Country has its own platform called “Ticket BAI” and file format “TBAI” based on XML. Invoices must be archived for 6 years.

As for B2B E-Invoicing, it is not yet mandated, but a law called “Crea y Crece” has been published, making B2B e-invoicing mandatory country-wide. The phased roll-out planned for 2024 and 2025 was postponed, and there is currently no available timeline. A central platform called “FACeB2B” is available since 2018, and businesses can use it to exchange invoices in FacturaE format. In addition to the central platform, businesses can also transmit invoices via paper-based, PDF with e-signature, or EDI.

Source The Invoicing Hub

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