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Germany: EPPO Busts €200 Million Customs and VAT Fraud Ring in Organized Crime Operation

  • The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) carried out over 200 searches in Germany and the Netherlands to target a customs and VAT fraud ring.
  • The fraud ring is believed to have caused over €200 million in evaded tax and customs duties.
  • Over 300 tax and customs investigators raided more than 200 locations and seized cash, luxury cars, smartphones, hard disks, and servers.
  • Four suspects leading the fraud scheme were arrested and are currently in detention.
  • The investigation, called ‘Masquerade Ball’, focuses on an organized crime group involving Chinese nationals.
  • The group undervalued and evaded customs duties and VAT on imported goods by using fake invoices and abusing an EU importation mechanism.
  • The group falsified the movements of goods using shell companies and managed to evade VAT payment entirely.
  • The criminal group created a network of middlemen in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands to oversee customs clearance procedures and logistics.
  • The EPPO’s transnational cooperation with different law enforcement authorities was crucial in connecting the dots between the countries where the group operated.
  • The EPPO worked with customs and tax investigation offices, federal police, and other authorities in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.
  • The EPPO is responsible for investigating and prosecuting crimes against the financial interests of the EU.


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