Webinar Pagero – Slide deck & Recorded Session – ViDA: the current state and what to expect next? – Q&A added

Update May 17, 2023: Added: Q&A

The VAT in the Digital Age proposal has created considerable noise. It has the potential to bring digital disruption for all businesses operating in the European Union (both EU and overseas), as well as for the Member State (MS) governments.  

Many webinars have already been run, detailing and presenting the ViDA peculiarities. This session, however, is not your ordinary ViDA webinar 

What you will learn:

  • ViDA high-level overview and visualization of potential data flows
  • ViDA provisions likely to be amended or remain unchanged
  • How existing and planned e-invoicing, DRR and CTC implementations in different Member States are compatible with ViDA 
  • Compatibility of ViDA with Peppol (4-corner) and Peppol CTC (5-corner model) 

Source: Pagero – Recorded session


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