Colombia Electronic Invoice System

Issuing electronic invoices has become mandatory for all businesses since 2019. Generated invoices, debit, or credit notes are automatically submitted to the tax authorities for approval. This means the Colombian electronic invoice system is an example of a clearance model. Electronic documents must be issued in UBL 2.1 format. When we look at the technical details of the invoice there are three important points; files include the company’s digital signature, an e-Invoice unique code (‘CUFE’), and QR code. Invoices can be transmitted to tax authorities portal named DIAN in 3 ways:

1) Manually upload to  DIAN
2)Sending electronic documents via DIAN-authorized e-Invoicing provider responsible of  issuing, submitting and signing
3)Taxpayers developed and used their own ERP system via using the “Toolbox” (Package of documentation and examples of invoices) which was shared by DIAN.

Source SNI


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