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Looking back @2021 #31 (and final): Uplift your VAT expertise through – Bookmark these!!!





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  1. Brexit
  2. E-Commerce VAT Directive launched in the EU per July 1, 2021
  3. Next to the EU, 14 countries implemented VAT on E-Commerce, another 7 will implement in 2022
  4. Saudi-Arabia is the first country in the Middle East launching E-Invoicing, UAE may follow
  5. The concept of Fixed Establishments remains a major risk, and even why?
  6. Intrastat: Major updates applicable as of Jan 1, 2022
  7. Implementation/changes E-Invoicing & Real Time Reporting during 2021
  8. ECJ cases decided in 2021 on ”Taxable Amount”
  9. Increased focus on Fighting Climate Change – Carbon tax

  10. 49 ECJ VAT Cases decided (incl. orders) in 2021
  11. Split Payments
  12. Poland and France to introduce optional taxation of Financial Services – Exemption may not longer be applied
  13. Activities of the VAT Expert Group
  14. ECJ cases decided in 2021 on ”Exemptions”
  15. Pre-Filled VAT returns
  16. SAF-T (or equivalent) regulations, some more countries will implement
  17. Environmental Tax – Will Plastic Tax stop pollution?
  18. VAT Grouping, a tool to avoid VAT leakage, optimize VAT receivables and simplify processes 
  19. EU VAT Committee met twice and a proposal to transform it into comitology committee was discussed
  20. ECJ cases decided in 2021 on ”Right to deduct VAT/Refund of VAT”
  21. Global VAT rate changes, continuous monitoring needed
  22. Global overview of future e-invoicing, e-filing, real time reporting, SAF-T – Will the Big Bang in Europe start as of 2022?
  23. What happened in the Middle East?
  24. Temporary reduction of VAT on Electricity and VAT incentives for Electric Cars
  25. ECJ cases decided in 2021 on ”Taxable Persons & Related Cases”
  26. Cryptocurrencies – Will VAT take part of the gain?
  27. Top 10 ECJ Cases decided in 2021 – Which is your favourite?
  28. QR codes on invoices/cash receipts …. what has globally been implemented?
  29. 2021 says farewell, these changes are welcomed (?) in 2022
  30. Most visited newsitems of 2021 – This is YOUR Top 25


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