VAT refund for IOSS items

Further to previous announcements as regards the refund of VAT paid for online purchases from countries outisde the EU, please note that the following conditions should be met:

  1. The online platform should be registered at the tax authorities of an EU member state.
  2. The origin post should submit an electronic customs declaration (ITMATT), for the postal item.
  3. The IOSS number should be included in the specified field in the ΙΤΜΑΤΤ.

If all the above conditions are not met, then the item is no considered an IOSS item and tehrefore, the VAT will be paid in Cyprus. In such case, you should contact the seller for further action.

We are in the process of checking the VAT refund application forms as regards the validity of the IOSS number, and for the following items, either the amounts have been refunded to the customer if paid by credit card on THALISUPP and this will be done so uring next week along with refunds by cheques. In the meantime, we continue the examination for all outstanding applications as well as new ones.